The Home Page of Michael Collins

Firstly, welcome. Hello.

Michael CollinsAs I spend most of my life in the office working on clients websites, I have never actually found the time to put any real time in to working on my own. I suppose it is like the mechanic who drives a terrible car or the painter and decorator that always seems to be working on his house, but never actually finishes. When you spend you life working on something for clients, it's hard to come home and then continue that same job for yourself.

I have made several attempts at putting the website together and have spent a few hours getting the design, layout, and code together for a well-structured website, only to then find my mind is completely blank as far as content is concerned. Am I going to talk about work, websites, and business in general, or is this a personal site, all about me and my life.

Unfortuntely, that's really as far as I have got and I don't know the answer to the last question. Perhaps a combination of the two - business and personal. Then the questions of course is, who is reading it? What's the point? And, as you've guessed, I don't know the actual answer to that either. Perhaps a blog? But the aforementioned questions will remain.

The likely answer here is that I'm thinking way too much into it and that I should probably just build on it over time. However, as I like my working life to be well-structured, it's hard to just be able to dive in and get on with in and see what it does eventually grow in to. As I am reading this now I'm thinking 'is it going to be a pointless exercise writing this given that I'll probably only delete it' or am I just typing this out so I've at least made a start. Probably.

More than likely this is going to become nothing more than space I use to test out various bits of code and is unlikely to be anything more. I've had the site since 2010 and it's now October 2014.

For now, that's it. Should you check back soon? Who knows. Try - you never know! Or don't. In which case, you won't. Either way is fine.

Michael Collins